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Warframe And Weapon Inventory Slots


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This morning, I noticed that the two weapons I were crafting finished and ready to be claimed. I was pretty excited, so I quickly claimed both of them...or at least tried to.

A notice popped up saying how I had no more inventory room to claim it. Needless to say I was pretty shocked since I only had about five other weapons sitting in my inventory, so I was forced to sell some of my old weapons.

Inventory is an essential in every game, and there should be a reasonable amount given to us. Having six weapon slots and three Warframe slots as the default is extremely limiting, especially since there isn't a way to buy more slots without spending Platinum.

So what a few of my friends and I suggested is to make it purchasable via market for credits, though at a high rate. Since it costs about 12 Platinum to buy slots for weapons, it can be roughly 10k credits for one slot for example. Of course, the price can vary.

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WTF O.o 6 slots for weapons is enough for 2 different playstyles. thats more than enough

And 10k for a weapon slot? Dont make me laugh....

10k credit was purely set as an example. I don't expect them to make it that price if they do so.

Two playstyles is limited as well. I know multiple people that have three, four, or even five different Warframes. Myself included since I plan to make more in the future, but knowing I have to buy Platinum to expand my gameplay and experience more disappoints me and others.

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