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Warframe Shade Mod Bug


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I upgraded my warframe and shade today. It resetet all my mods so i thought ok then you fill them back in. For my shade i combined some mods when i then wanted to fill them in all my modslots where full with level 0 mod sometimes even the same mods and i can't get them out because once i drag one of the similiar ones out it locks due to some other mod being in the slots twice and i cant do anything. As to my warframe i see no modslots it says in the right upper corner 3 mods and in the bottom left cornor i have 3 empty buttons named random mission.

I hope this can be somehow fixed soon cause its somehow troubling not being able to fill in proper mods.

edit: also the mod menu for my shade and also my warframe freezes and i have to quit the game so that this closes.

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