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Hotfix 12.4.1


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Hotfix 12.4.1



Zephyr and Oberon abilities added to Codex/Enemy drops.



Changed lightning effect in Shipyards to not be so bright and offensive.

Disabled skins on Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime.

Revised 3D Hind weapon sounds.

Optimized DSP effects to reduce memory usage and sound startup time.




Fixed multiple reported crashes.

Fixed half-finished redesign concept being shipped in the Large Dojo garden room. If you haven’t build this room yet, it has also been removed as a buildable room as it is still in development. Users who built this room will still be able to access it, but note it will likely go through a visual redesign process.

Fixed Regular Distilling Extractor not appearing in market for crafting.

Fixed spelling error in Lotus inbox message for Tethra’s Doom.

Fixed mission countdown in Korean builds.

Fixed missing Loc strings for the Distilling Extractor.

Fixed inconsistent spelling of Castanas in Dojo research.

Fixed Arid Hellions not having jet-packs.

Fixed login screen issue where users  could get into a state where text input in menus will also be typed into the e-mail/password fields.

Fixed players getting stuck in place if a new life support pod spawns while an existing one is being activated, also fixes pods being infinitely re-useable in similar circumstances

Fixed client bleedout timer not returning when the player is abandoned (Grustrag 3).

Fixed NPCs getting stuck using panic buttons.

Fixed some geo, collision, and lightmap issues.

Fixed crashes caused by running the game in Traditional Chinese; disabled the option until further testing proves its ready.

Fixed missing advance warning objective marker and incoming effect on life support capsules.

Fixed Nyx parts not being received at mission end with Phorid.

Fixed Lech Kril not being killable at certain stages of the fight.

Fixed rain/lighting not appearing on clients.



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Think you guys could make the event a little more challenging? :P


so that lower players couldnt get the prizes?

so that those who can could ask more money for them?

event mods should be untradeable!


now if they could keep a single player score board instead of only clan based ones that would be more interesting

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I'm getting my Frame Appearance reset a lot after the hotfix. I have no idea what causes it, just a random thing.




It keeps happening when I zoom out and then click on the Arsenal icon. My frame appearance changes back to the A setting.

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