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Hello Fellow Warriors :)


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Hello. My name is Dottorrent, a slowly-getting-there gamer on youtube. As I welcome myself to the ever thriving warframe community, I would like to thank Digital Extremes for ressurecting what could of been abandoned and unloved concept.

Oh and one more thing,

I'm gonna do some let's play videos on warframe with a long time friend of mine. If you are interested, maybe you can join us. All you need is steam / teamspeak, a microphone and a well-leveled warframe to survive the onslaught of the infested, Grineer and the Corpus. We will be doing a variety of missions from defense to boss battles. Just message me on the forums with -

- Your steam username / Teamspeak name

- Your warframe account name

Because both me and my friend are based in England, we do late nights here so timing may vary depending on country and GMT.

Just look for us on warframe as dottorrent and zeroxxx if you would like to join us ingame.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we may see you on the battlefield.

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