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New Weapons.


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I would like to suggest a few equipments to the Warframes.

1.A lance-like melee weapon which can take on many targets at once but it moves slow.

2.A scythe that is able to send a silent projectile when charged.

3.A bolt action gun (sniper most probably).

4.A chained sword that is able to move fast but weak attacks

5.A crossbow. :3

Thats all the suggestion for the new weapons.I hope you guys listen and decide to put this into the game.

Thank you.

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All of it sounds goo to me especially the crossbow since we have the Paris... Lance I'm having a hard time seeing it unless it was like a drill... this isn't Medieval times and we're in a sci-fi theme. and having a Scythe with projectiles is kinda OP especially charged since you can one shot a lot of things with charged melee atks only if they reduce the dmg by a considerable amount. And the chained sword... if your talking about a sword that splits apart I can see it being fast but weak or if your talking about something entirely different then I have no idea. And bolt action gun would have to be tweaked a bit to the point it looks like its all completely metal (Sci-fi theme of course).

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