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Nyx Chaso Bug, Rank-Up Missions


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I was in Wave 3 of my mission to rank up from level 2 to 3, and I used chaos by accident (Nyx Warframe). To my surprise, the ability still worked and they started attacking each other. I kept meleeing people and turned, this was when I got a glimpse of a Saw-Grineer running..... far far away. He was just sprinting into the white, waaaaay too far away for me to chase after whilst other Grineer around me. I laughed it off and kept killing all the Grineer 'till there were none left, or so I thought.

Apparently the confused AI just kept running and never got reset into my zone because I failed the mission due to the time limit and now I can't rank up today after I've spent all day doing just that...

Might I suggest adding a zone ring around the main stage of the rank-up missions where if anything leaves, Grineer or Tenno, they get reset to the center of the ring.


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