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Warframe Mod Fusion


I know this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't find it. What specifically changes when you upgrade the warframe mods, aka "Scratch Polarity" mods?

Does it increase range, power or duration of the skill? I am currently using Loki and want to know what upgrading does to Decoy and Invisibility.

Thanks in advance for the help, endo.

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They really need to add that information to the skill cards, but if you were around pre Update 7 you should have an idea on what they do. And there is a point in fusioning your abilities, it makes them better (if you want them to).

As for your particular skills, Invisibility = increased duration, Decoy = increased lifetime. Decoy seems to have a health as well as a duration so I'm not sure which one is increased (if not, both).

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Thank you Naz & daniel for the info. I have seen the wiki page but it does not have a section for mods to specific warframes. I guess I can time the change in duration to the skills but I have no way to judge a health change. If I gather any data I'll reply with it.

Thanks again.

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