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Several Issues With The Stat's Information x.X


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I'v noticed in the information on my account in-game is incorrect.

Please keep in mind my account is Melee Only, so ignore the percentages on my guns.


On this account i'v never used a " Skana ", i'v only used the " Furax " , which is now Rank 5, yet does not show the 250+ kill's iv gotten with it.


Also, i'v never even touched or owned a " Loki " suit, even in the tutorial you use the " Excalibur " , which im currently using now, so why does it show i'v used a Loki suit at all, and for that percentage of time, it should be 100% Excalibur.


It also shows i'v used 2 different Rifles, yet i'v only held one, the Mk-1.

Can anyone please verify why this information is showing incorrectly =/

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