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Farming Sundering Strike/armor Piecering Mod For Melee



Where does this MOD drop frequently? I've noticed there's a trend where certain mods drop. For example, a lot of freeze mods drop frequently on the Phorid Boss level.

Where did you guys get your AP, melee mods?

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Got mine on Kiliken.

Also got this on the warframe wiki

  • Each faction has a higher chance to drop certain mods, while having a small chance to drop other mods as well. The following is what each faction drops most often.
  • Infested: Power Abilities, All types of Freeze damage.
  • Corpus: Fire/Electricity/Armor Pen. Mods, Power Max, Power Efficiency, Power Range, Melee Charge Speed, Loot Radar and Enemy Radar.
  • Grineer: Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Multishot, Basic Damage Mods, Power Duration, Power Strength.
  • Universal: Fusion Cores, Sentinel Mods, Stun and Puncture Mods.
  • Raid/Spy/Capture missions offer a mod upon completion normally being Stamina Regen, Stamina Max, Vitality, Sprint Speed or a Ammo/Magazine/Reload mod.

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