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Saryn - Venom Stops Working Compleatly


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ive had this happen a few times

using saryn on a few maps xini most recently her First ability "Venom" stops working compleatly

i dont quite know how or what if anything i did to make this happen or what to do to reproduce this but i thought ide post this since ive noticed it happen more than once.

the ability becomes compleatly unusable with more than enough energy and its not giving me the quarky" cant use this in air" thing i get on ocasaion

it doesent tell me its not activated i can select it by pressing 1 or scrolling with the mouse wheel clicking 1 or using the middle mouse button to use it renders nothing no energy drain no messages just nothing

i didnt figure a picture would help since its of an ability not working more than anything else

if any more info on this would be needed ide be happy to try to help

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