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[7.4] Interface Freezing After Completing A Mission/changing Chat Channels


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I believe it is related to the priority of the method call for obtaining the list of currently active users in the chat, but I may be mistaken. Since this latest hotfix the entire screen freezes (No animations, movement, nada) whenever you complete a mission, or change chat channels.

Please change the priority. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. I would rather have an incomplete userlist than be unable to interact with the program at all whilst it refreshes.

EDIT: It is most definitely chat related, The interface freezes when interacting with the Chatbox in any way that would cause the Userlist to refresh. Minimizing and Maximizing causes it to lock up, and users joining/leaving causes a momentary freeze, as well. It seems the game constantly checks to see if the userlist has changed after clearing a mission, changing channels or whilst the chat box is "open". The thing is, if there is a change, it completely stops what the rest of the program is doing, and focuses on refreshing the userlist.

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