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Controlling Mod Levels To Fit The Energy Cap


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As it is now I have mods that over exceed the limit cap of my upgraded warframe/weapons/sentinels, and some others that aren't. I dislike the fact that I have mods thats stored in the inventory whilist high leveled mods nearly empty the space and low leveled mods can be used to fill the space. But! DO YOU WANT TO?! I do not and some others might find this disagreeable but please take a look for a moment on what MAY HELP.

To adjust the players needs and less grinding/searching for mods again THAT YOU WANT TO USE. Such as :-

All mods to optimally control their levels even if they've been fused to the max. We get to lower or rise the white ticks on the left side of the mods at a cost or maybe not. This again is to optimise our style and adjustments to keep within the mods whilist having full mods (or not and pick based on your prefrence) in the slots of our warframes/weapons/sentinels. This is to bring over mods THAT YOU HAVE over to new weapons on the rise of leveling up as an exchange.

Here's an example, I have a Gorgon level 30, energy 60 and my mods are :-

Rifle Base Damage (level 3/ energy 7)

Rifle Electric Damage (level 1/energy 7)

Rifle Fire Damage (level 3/energy 9)

Rifle Ice Damage (level 2/energy 6)

Rifle Multishot (level 2/energy 12)

Rifle Max Ammo (level 3/energy 5)

Rifle Critical Chance (level 5/energy 9)

Rifle Critical Damage (level 1/energy 5)

A total of 60 energy full with the mods laid down on all 8 slots. Now lets say I want to change the mods level it may be like this :-

Rifle Base Damage (level 5/ energy 9)

Rifle Electric Damage (level 2/energy 8)

Rifle Fire Damage (level 2/ energy 8)

Rifle Ice Damage (level 1/ energy 5)

Rifle Max Ammo (level 1/ energy 2)

Rifle Multishot (level 2/energy 12)

Rifle Critical Chance (level 3 /energy 7)

Rifle Critical Damage (level 3/ energy 7)

It is now 58 energy with the remaining 2 energy left, This is a rough assumption about low or high levels mods statistics as the focus of this topic is the energy and level control.

Once again I can take away one of the mods but DO YOU WANT TO when you have it in your inventory? Sure I could exchange or replace the mods to fit but is that required when you have the option to alter the levels and satisfy your query with the right level and energy.

Or! In these slots, there are symbols on the top left, players use the matching mods with the similiar symbols and put them in there costing much lower energy than ordinarily required but likewise with mismatched mods. But! once again do you want to? Moreso, I think it is yet complete and I'am referring to the slots in the weapons as they are blank (no symbols whatsoever) but please reconsider even if the expense of mismatched do cost higher do you HAVE TO store away a mod you want to use in order to fit with the symbols even though unnecessarily.

I do know the game does act mostly as dungeon-crawler but as of then, to search for the same mods over and over again when you have a mod that over-breached your max cap is very tedious and repetive to keep at the lower bar of the caps.

This option highly helps warframes/weapons/sentinels that aren't upgraded yet, to use 3 to 6 mods at best at the mods lower level instead of its heightened level. If there's a respec option however, again this builds tedious and repeptive gameplay. Hence, searching for mods of the same mods and level them up again to reach the particular wanted level while maintaining the amount of stored mods still in the inventory.

I really hope this would be injected in the game as it can be quite a bother for players who don't like the idea of looping things over again especially when new warframes/weapons/sentinels comes in. They would have to search for mods again that would bring fits/styles based on what they have purchased.

As such this is simply my peev about the mods and levels while we still have to unlock the levels of the mods, we still get to control those unlocked levels and having to fuse the mods to a higher a level that are still locked.

So what about you guys? There might likely be some spots I did not inquire but I hope this invokes a bit of your own thoughts.

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I feel your post deserves a longer response but I will agree that this new system is very rigid once you start upgrading mods.

A way to potentially get around this is allow mods to be ranked up and down, like this:

[Tactical Pump.....]




[{_}....................6 ]




So you can permanently upgrade a mod, but each would have the option to temporarily Rank Up or Down, raising and lower the effects of the mod and capacity use.

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Personally, I think the problem won't reach majority of the playerbase any time soon but, yes, it's a problem.

I think that we have two options.

1. Put a level limiter on each mod. Allow players to adjust level and percentage output to lower than current mod level.


2. Make a rarity tier for each mod. Create a level cap for each tier, higher tiers have higher level cap.

The first one will make us extremely happy but I'm not an avid programmer (healthsciene myself) so I'm not sure that DE can do it or not. The second one is easier for DE to implement but it probably going to make a lot of players mad at them.

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So, OP, basically what you trying to say is to have an option to temporarily adjust the rank (and effect) of a mod after the mod hits the max rank, right?

That could be a neat "bonus" for maxing out a mod.

If so, I like the idea :)

You're quite right, only that it is permenantly available so as to avoid searching or harvesting mods especially for new players that have yet to better understand the mechanics or when you have new mods you want to experiment.

In a way it's like say:-

A level 4 pistol has 8 energy cap persumably I have a pistol level 15 of 30 energy cap.

This means a level 15 pistol could possibly equip 3 of level 2 elemental mods at perhaps taking 10 to 12 energy away. And if I lowered one of these elemental mods or of 2 out of 3 it would have become 7 to 9 energy, letting me use either a firerate mod or multishot mod which is very expensive in its energy. (Likewise for a level 4 pistol)

Keep in mind as this only adjust levels as it energy follows the levels thereby making it slightly balanced, unless Digital Extremes developers might optimise otherwise. Let's hope anyway.

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As I stated, I personally would allow this only after reaching the maximal rank, but that's quite subjective :)

I think it would be better to be allowable at any rank, I haven't maxed out any cards and I'm running into these problems already. Maxing one out means I would either not be using it until fully upgraded so I could drop it's rank, which is counterintuitive.

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I think it would be better to be allowable at any rank, I haven't maxed out any cards and I'm running into these problems already. Maxing one out means I would either not be using it until fully upgraded so I could drop it's rank, which is counterintuitive.

I understand your reasons well, just have different opinion :)

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At the least, I'd say let us de-level mods, be it pernamently or temporairly. I would probably opt for the former myself and keep the need to have multiple mods for multiple frames and weapons, to keep the I have everything I'll ever need situation as distant as possible.

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