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Few Newbie Questions



Hey I got few questions, couldnt find answer.

1) Can I level up (fuse) ability mods? Cant find any info on wiki.

If yes - what about abilities like speed, what it icnreases? Duration? Speed %?

2) Can I find somewhere detailed info about skills? Dmg / duration / effect etc. Numbers. I like numbers.

3) Do weapon mod stacks? For example - i got 20 and 40% multishot on pistal. I have total 60% chance or maybe 2 rolls, for 20 and 40, or maybe only highest counts?

4) I have 150 platinum. Am I good to spend em on look shi... stuff like colors etc? I should I buy some blueproints like oroki reactor? Is this "rare" stuff that hard to get?

4a) Maybe warframe slots would be better?

5) Mastery tests... well... what for? Are they giving me anything besides "WOW, im master! Im so damn great!"

6) My BIGGEST question - mosue sensitivity. Can I change mouse sensitivity OUTSIDE aiming? Hitting something with melee is pain for me.

Thanks for any help.

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1. Yes.

If the mod is called Sprint, it increases your sprinting speed. Duration: for as long as you're sprinting and it says on the mod card with how much it increases.

2. You can check the wikia for the numbers.

3. You can only have one mod type. Ex: only one multishot mod. You can't equip 2 of the same mods.

4. In my opinion, you should spend it on warframe and weapon slots (not all of it). If you are that desperate and haven't been lucky you could spend it on some reactors or catalysts too. Don't recommend spending on color packs.

5. Mastery, other than the title, gives you acces to all the weapons in the market. Some of the weapons are rank locked.

6. You can't.

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Best uses of platinum are Warframe / weapon inventory slots, and potatoes (Orokin Catalyst, Orokin Reactor). The first, you can't get without platinum, the latter, you only get with insane luck from alert missions.

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Ok, thx for ur help :) (Altho Im so sad about number 6... I was always low sens player).

And one more... are blueprints one time use only?

About 1 and 2 - I meant warframe abilities, like speed from volt. Cant find any nubmers... but I can be blind :P

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