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New Warframe: Zardom


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Metal-Based Warframe


Metal Pulse Cost:50

Zardom lets out a pulse creating a metal wave which pushes

enemies backwards.

Rank 1: 2 meters

Rank 2: 5 meters

Rank 3: 10 meters

Razor Barbs Cost:25

Barbs will appear protecting Zardom and boosts attack power.

Can be used for his allies too.

Rank 1: 10s, dmg +10

Rank 2: 20s, dmg +25

Rank 3: 30s, dmg +50

Rampage Pillars Cost:75

Zardom creates an earthquake causes metal pillars to shoot up


Rank 1: 100 dmg, 10 pillars

Rank 2: 200 dmg, 15 pillars

Rank 3: 300 dmg, 20 pillars

Spike Hurricane Cost:100

Zardom turns all metal into a hurricane that sucks every enemies

in range and shreds them into pieces.

Rank 1: 200 dmg, 5s

Rank 2: 350 dmg, 8s

Rank 3: 500 dmg, 10s

Just some of my ideas for new warframe, thank you.


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You might wana switch the positions of Barb wire and Metal Pulse.... Barb wire seems a more useful ability so usually those are set as a Second ability.

Metal Pulse is closely related to Sonic Boom... guessing that's where you got the idea lol

Good ideas overall :)

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