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Hotfix 12.4.4


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Hotfix 12.4.4


- Fixed progression blocker where door could not be opened in Shipyards Hijack mission.

- Fixed Grineer Galleon door & light traps ignoring radial damage from explosive weapons.

- Fixed clients getting stuck when activating Life Support Capsules in Survival missions.



For today's earlier fixes in Hotfix 12.4.3 see: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/193399-hotfix-1243/?p=2246803


Thanks, EntityOmega for Redtext:



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I like the grineer trap at the doors, but not those [broken Light] objects.

They are really a pain and ain't that friendly for beginners. They will suffer death from it, and thats for sure.

Just used a forma on one warframe and saw the damage ... holy sh..


Do you guys even think about the low tier players?

Even these bugs, being invisible will even trigger the trap.

Either remove the "Broken Lights" or just adjust them to make them more obvious where they are located at.

Do not place them right behind the doors, since people won't have a chance to shoot em off!

Solo'ing some mission becomes not possible anymore. And trying to rush is only working with Rhino atm.

Any other frame will suffer death.


If it causes that much problems to us advanced players, how does the beginners feel like? They are surely desperate and will probably give up playing solo or in a low level squad.



Addition: Got frekking death-lighten during spawntime. Nice job. Was dead before seeing my character.

Beyond good and evil, bloody as hell, do a trigger on the ground, alike Void traps or remove them!




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I've add bug to add to this: When we were fighting Raptor, my friend spawned at the boss while I spawned in the beginning and we couldn't activate any doors (the "Activate simultaneously" doors) to get to the end so I had downed myself and couldn't proceed because he was on the other side of the door. 

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Here's a fix: get rid of the light traps! They add literally NO value to the level unlike like the auto turrets and the cameras. They are annoying, deal too much damage for what they are worth, and confused the crap out of me at first when I got randomly electrocuted when running a mission (i had no clue they were added).


Also, if you do decide to keep them in (or something of the like), maybe make them an actual trap thing rather that some random electrical anomaly when a Warframe gets too close to a Grineer light fixture. Maybe have a Grineer castana type trap on the floor that can be destroyed or maybe change this into having proximity mines that can be destroyed. These would be better than those sneaky and rather annoying lights. (I also feel these trap suggestions fit the Grineer as a faction, where they built a weapon type to be used against Invasions or random Tenno attacks.)


EDIT: added second half.

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