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Help Concerning "avatars"


I welcome everyone I am having got a bit of a problem from with "Avatars". That is I bought the set of Avatars 2 and chem to put it on to the Excalibur form but I don't know as well as whether even it is possible. Very much I would call for help, is thanking in advance.

I am Polish and I can not too much English so I apologize for any errors

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Yes, you can get helmets in-game. You can buy them in the in-game market under the Equipment section. You can also find the blueprints for them from alert missions that have a question mark as one of their rewards. If you get a blueprint in that way, you will then have to find the resources by playing missions and then craft it in the Foundry.

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For all of the normal helmets, the ones required to make the Warframes, you can find out where to get them by looking at that Warframe's section on the wiki (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Warframes)

Special helmets only drop from the alert missions with ? as part of their reward. If you want to see what the reward is for doing an alert mission so you know if it is worth doing or not, this website is helpful.


But as far as I know, with the alert missions, they are random and so are their rewards.

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