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Stats And Clan Name


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-Our clan has a really long name, so it doesn't fit in the clan window and it looks kinda weird.

-My stats have a weapon and a warframe in them that I never used. It's probably because the tutorial uses these.

-Stats don't show which clan you're in if you're in one.

-If a mod drops and you pick it up, the sparkle of it is left behind. (don't know if this was done intentionally)

-(watch the 4th screenshot it'll become clear what i mean) When you selected a planet there is this screen in the top right corner with some information. A few planets (in this example uranus) have one or more spots you can go to underneath this small screen. You can't relocate the screen or move the map to view what's under the screen.

-(NEW) After the host host left and I was left alone, the AI became irresponsive. I could walk around in front of my enemies and they wouldn't move. On the other hand, I didn't have any lag, breaking chests and opening doors still worked fine. (no screenshot)






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