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Upgrading Ability Mods


I'm playing Excalibur, and was thinking about fusing my Slash Dash to improve, but I haven't been able to find out, what will actually happen? I guess more damage, but can I see this somewhere?

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Just thought about making a topic on this as well. In the old mod system (pre-Update 7; skill trees with nodes both passive and empty nodes you can fit mods into), when you spend a skill point on an ability, the first time you click on an ability, it lets you use it, the 2nd to 4th time you click on the same ability (elsewhere in the skilltree), you upgrade the ability to be more powerful, whether giving it more range, more duration, or more damage.

When they switched it to the new card-mods system, it seems like the UI is rushed, and the ability mods don't show effects when being upgraded.

For Slash Dash, I believe it just makes it go farther. But I've never leveled an Excal, so if anyone knows better, please chime in.

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OH OK. So you mouse over the card in the mod screen. Not the selected mod, but mouse over the mod as it sits in the list. Here's a picture:


So, Slash Dash upgrades increase both damage and range traveled.

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