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Please remove extreme screen shake


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it's burning out my eyes with bloom and a glitchy map, glitchy match and a boss which is non stop shockwaving us we can't point at the boss so we can't do anything we are walking off the map just to not go blind due to the excessive 90 degree screen shake

edit* bad spelling

Boss is The Jackal

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i don't mind screenshaking but there's enough that makes me feel like i'm playing Borderlands 2 - where 75% of the difficulty from my experience, is not that enemies ever kill me, they just get more and more knockback and screenshaking later on. so instead of things outright killing me, they instead attack me, do like idk, 1% of my health&shields, and i proceed to fly backwards off the map, falling off a cliff and dying.

while it's somewhat different in Warframe because there is little knockback, instead guns that rely on any sort of accuracy are often useless because it's like playing battlefield on a 64 player server - my screen is absolutely constantly shaking.

fighting the Jackel as was mentioned, the bomber mines that were expiring on literally the other side of the boss area, were shaking my screen. and when the 15 or 20 mines were done exploding, the boss would make a shockwave. and then another 15 or 20 mines would explode.

my clanmates even asked at one point if i was even participating. well, i was, but not really since i could hardly ever aim at my target.

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