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Hotfix 12.4.6: Luck O' The Lotus!


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i just lose 29 Fusion Cores 

beacuse this event 


make server over load(i guess)


everytime i finished mission


then server disconnect and logout


and everything you get in the mission just disappear





twice the amount of resources




you need lucky enough to get it

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And these ice-cream colors ... who needs them if you have had bought at least Beta pack.

You do realize that not everyone is playing this game since the very beginning? It is nice from them to release new colour packs for free. I guess people will never stop complaining about their exclusivity being lost, and do not want companies to be NICE to their playerbase. *slowly shakes head*





-Fixed issue where Factions (Corpus/Grineer) could invade more than one planet at a time.

-Fixed issue where player would only see equipped Warframe stats when comparing Sentinel stats.

At first I was like "So you want to only have one node up at a time?" but then I realized - planets. In this case;


I actually side with DE this time. It doesn't quite make as much sense to have corpus/grineer invasions everywhere.

The biggest thing I've ever seen simultaneously was 4 of them, and then an additional Infestation invasion in the same system as a regular invasion (that was Saturn if memory serves me correctly).

It was too much. It breaks the flow of regular missions and distorts visibility. It also removes the immersion factor a bit, you get the feeling it is full blown constant outright attrition war and you have nothing to do than side with either faction, and you as Tenno are more a "Warmachine for hire" than an actual agent.

In hindsight, I am glad that they decided to stop multi-invasions.


What I would like to know though is, what the parameters are for spreading out or rather, if they have tweaked them as well. Infestation does spread like a lot. You can guarantee it always hits a boss node, regardless of how fast players hammer on it to keep the infestation DOWN.

The C/G invasions are like... one of the last nodes was contested for almost an entire day without any spread, and some others started to spread fast. But I guess this will be a thing of the past with the new invasion algorithm.




Hmm, seems as though the corpus are still invading 3 different planets right now... Didn't really fix it did ya? :p


Common sense would tell you that they are going to let the current invasions simply end as usual first...? No reason to god-switch current invasions.

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So random question here but does the resource booster appear on my xp bar in the lobby like the affinity boosters do? Because i'm not seeing it and i'm unsure whether it's going or not.

EDIT: Just ran a new mission and picked up 2 Fieldron samples in one drop, so it's obviously working

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