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Posting Pictures - The Easy Way (Now With More)


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Since I haven't seen a guide on how to post pictures on the forums, and I see a lot of people asking how to (especially in the screenshot-challenges), I've taken the liberty of making one.


If you have direction and images for how to do this in other browsers than the once I have mentioned feel free to PM me, and i'll add it to the guide. You can also PM me if you want something else added to the guide.

This guide uses the site www.imgur.com, wich has a nifty feature, in that it does the BBcode work for you.
I'll do a brief talk about using BBcode in general, in the end of the guide.
But what if I don't wanna use imgur?
Check out the bottom of the guide, i'll show you how to get your direct links for whatever image you want.
1: Go to [url]www.imgur.com[/url]
2: On the right hand side, click on "Computer"
3: Select your image and click "Open".
4: Click on "Start upload"
5: Once the upload is complete, you should have a box on the right hand side containing some links and codes
7: Copy the text from the "BBcode" field and insert it into your post.
That's it. you should be done now.
8: If you don't have the box with the BBcode, click on "Get embeded codes" just below the picture. The site will refresh and you should have the codes on the right hand side, as described in step 5.
You can ofcourse post pictures from just about any website, as long as you have the direct link to the picture.
You just need to incase the link to the picture with the IMG tags, as seen in step 5.
Since my guide has taken the place in the guide collection, where Ced23Ric's overall guide to forum BBcode once was, I'm going to link it here, because it's a nice guide, and it explains some of the other features the forums offers.
What if I want to take a screenshot without the userinterface?
1. Turn off the interface for the in-built screenshot function (F6), by accessing the settings menu (the gear icon in the top right corner)
2. Find your screenshots in the folder called Warframe, in your picture folder
But what if I'm not using imgur?
Here's how you can go about it.
Using IE?
Well get a propper browser...

1. Right click your image and select properties
2. Copy the Adress (URL) text
3. Squeeze it in between the image tags
Using Firefox?
1. Right click your image, and click on Copy image location
Picture curtesey of [url=https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/97113-drasiel/]Draisel[/url]
2. Squeeze it in between the image tags
Using Chrome?
1. Right click your image, and click on Copy image URL
Picture curtesey of [url=https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/97113-drasiel/]Draisel[/url]
2. Squeeze it in between the image tags
But how do I post youtube videos?
You do this...
1. Go to youtube
2. Find the movie you want to post
3. Copy the link from the adress bar in the top of your browser
4. do like this:
And this is the result:
So how do I use BBcode to make my everyday forum life more awesome?
BBcode works with tags. I've previously mentioned image tags, but a tag can also do other things that post images, such as bold text, making spoilers, and more.
A tag surrounds whatever you want it to have an effect on. the beginning and ending tag are almost identical, except for the one at the end has a / (a slash) right after the first [ (bracket)
[b] now everything from here on will become bold [/b] and this text isn't.
now everything from here on will become bold and this text isn't.
For a list of other things you can use in tags, have a look here:
You make bokses like this one, by using the [code] and [/code] tag. With this tag, the forum doesn't actually do what your tags are supposed to do, and only shows the text. It's handy when explaining how to use tags
Why the color of my text is changing, I don't know. I didn't tell it to do that.
That also servers as an example of BBcode sometimes acting up a bit.
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I posted it here for extactly that reason. Now we just wait for Megan, or someone else with the power of mods gods, to arrive and do the heavy lifting.


It was originally posted in the "players helping players" section, but I figured it'd feel more at home here.

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