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At Present, What's The Best Warframe For Dps Melee?


I'm sure most seasoned MMO veterans understand there is normally a class which does the quickest amount of damage. Normally a thief or assasin type character.

So how would I create something like that here?

At the moment, I'm using my basic Excal With Fangs

Excal has slash dash, fast deflection (45% shield recharge), rush (15% sprint speed), steel fiber (30% armour), vitality (150% health) and marathon (50% stamina max)

Fangs use staggering force (5% stun), fury (30% fire rate), shocking touch (5% electrical damage) and molten impact (30% fire damage)


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Well technically Excalibur doesn't add anything directly to melee dps. The only things that would add to melee dps would be the autocrits from being in stealth (ash, loki etc) or the dmg buff from Saryn. Hope i'm not forgetting anything here. Also there are ofc frames that have synergy with being in melee. Example is Rhino's Iron Skin which makes you invincible for a couple of secs.

It would just go with what's best for you mate. If you love Exca, use him in combination with your fav melee weap. There is nothing wrong with Exca to begin with. Good all around frame.

A small tip for increasing your melee dps, daggers are better used with stealth chars since you can autocrit and the dmg goes really high or ONLY use them against Greineer. (armour pen adds a lot of dmg but the daggers will do lower dmg against most other things) Get an 2nd melee weap that's good all around like ehm the Scindo/Gram. (not saying Fragor because you already have an anti armor melee weap) Scindo is better for auto attacking (it scales better with mods for auto attacks) and the Gram is better for charge attacks. That said, you can use both for charging or auto attacking. It's really just me being a min maxer. I went with Gram because I liked the looks better and i'm auto attacking with it constantly. To each their own. Hope this was of some use to you mate.

Have fun.

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If you dont wanna get killed almost instantly late levels in meele without using Charged Meele only then i suggest Rhino's fully upgraded Iron Skin 15 seconds of pure Invincibility is never gonna get old :D

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