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Mod Fusion And Upgrade Energy


Hello there, I farmed a few same mod and I'm quite confused about the fusion matter.

Here's the problem:

I tried fusing a rank 2 redirection with another rank 2 redirection but it doesnt give me a full 100% rank up, instead it only gaved me about less than 50% of the amount needed to rank up.

Quoted from Warframe Wiki, I thought that fusing duplicate mods of the same rank would yield a 100% rank up or was I wrong about it?


To increase the rank of a mod, navigate to the arsenal, then to "Mods" where you will choose a mod to be upgraded and click "Fusion." Selecting other mods will now be combined with this highlighted mod to make it more powerful increase the value. The selected mods will be consumed. The fusion value of a Mod is based on how similar it is to the target Mod. The level of consumed mods affects the amount of fusion energy applied:

  • Fusing a duplicate = 100% (1 duplicate required to reach level 1)
  • Fusing of matching polarity = 50% (2 matching polarity Mods to reach level 1)
  • Fusing unrelated = 25% (4 unrelated Mods to reach level 1)

Since Fusing mods increases their level, the power drain of the mod is also increased. The rarity of the mod being fused or used to upgrade another greatly impacts the price. It is generally more efficient to use lower rarity mods to upgrade any rarity of mods.

Secondly, I don't understand what is stated about the upgrade energy in Warframe wiki.

For simplicity, these numbers are based on a mod leveling up each time it gains 24 upgrade energy. Rarity Type Fusion Upgrade Energy Gained Rare Fusion Core 36 + 18 x Rank Duplicate Mod 72 + 36 x Rank Mod with same polarity 36 + 18 x Rank Mod with different polarity 18 + 9 x Rank Uncommon Fusion Core 24 + 12 x Rank Duplicate Mod 48 + 24 x Rank Mod with same polarity 24 + 12 x Rank Mod with different polarity 12 + 6 x Rank Common Fusion Core 12 + 6 x Rank Duplicate Mod 24 + 12 x Rank Mod with same polarity 12 + 6 x Rank Mod with different polarity 6 + 3 x Rank

Each rank that a mod has when another mod is fused with it reduces the fusion upgrade energy gained by 1/2. This penalty stacks multiplicatively, so rank 2 mods gain 1/4, rank 3 gain 1/8, etc. Uncommons additionally gain 1/2 the energy that commons do and rares gain 1/3.

Does this mean that when fusing a rare mod with a rare fusion core/duplicate mod increases the energy needed to equip the mod compared to fusing the rare mod with common/uncommon fusion core ( assuming the rare mod is ranked up during fusion)

Also, what does "a mod leveling up each time it gains 24 upgrade energy." actually means anyway?

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When a mod goes up in level the energy required to use it increases also. As for how fusing scales, currently from level 0 to level 1 requires 1 duplicate, from level 1 to 2 requires 2 duplicates, and from there it goes up in an exponential slope. Using a higher level mod as fusion fodder is ill-advisable as it doesn't really scale properly yet.

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