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Pistol Warframe


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I don't think there's a specific warframe that works better with pistols as others, as none of the frames gives a specific bonus to any of the pistol stats. The only thing that would influence the choice would be if you'd like your pistol-centered gameplay to be high-mobile or slow-tanky, and chose a warframe fitting any of those styles.

Especially since the pistols themselves have quiet a variety of different stats and feels to them, making a generic 'this warframe == pistol frame' statement kind of hard.

If Loki is not working for you though (i guess cause he's a rather squishy frame), I'd try something more tanky like the Rhino or Frost, you'll lose some mobility, but the higher base health/shield translate to higher survivability in general. Allowing you to get closer and expose yourself longer to enemy fire before having to get back into cover.

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Lokis invisibilty certainly works better with melee weapons, thanks to the high damage increase if you hit people while cloaked. But it'll still allow you to redeploy or as a panic button when surrounded. I understand that it's not a prefect choice for firearms based frame though.

What works well for me as a 'ballistic' frame in general is Frost. You can deploy a spheric shield that allows you to fire your weapon at the enemy in relative safety, it might not have the damage-increase of Volts shield, but it covers 360° and Frost is a lot tougher, making your retreat safer once your shield runs out.

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