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Update 12.5.0: Helios


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Update 12.5.0: Helios



·         New Sentinel!  Meet Helios, a Corpus Sentinel with a devastating Glaive-esque attack and the ability to assist you with Codex scans! Visit the Market or Corpus Research Room in the Dojo today!
·         New Imperator Syandana!


·         Retired the Shamrock Color Picker from the Market – until next time, folks!
·         Improvements to Sentinel audio.
·         Changed Rhino Prime's Iron Skin ability to now appear golden!
·         Tweaks to the visuals of Rhino's abilities.
·         Removed intentional delay on weapon firing while running.
·         Limited the maximum amount of Grineer Death sounds that can be played at once.
·         Tweaks to Quantum Badge visuals to help improve visibility on multiple Warframes.
·         Waypoint markers set on enemies will no longer disappear when the enemy is knocked back or otherwise ragdolled.

·         Improved the client side visuals for the effect created when enemies are hit by Trinity's Energy Vampire and Well of Life abilities.

·         Tweaks to Gorgon firing sound
·         Broken Lights have now been replaced with Grineer Traps. The latest iteration of this mechanic replaces hard to spot Broken Lights with more visible Grineer Traps.
o   These Traps  deal Damage Over Time as opposed to one pulse of damage.
o   These Traps can be spotted form a distance and targeted to damage nearby enemies.

·         Fixed a number of navigation related issues with Infested on the Forest Defense Tilesets.
·         Fixed an issue related to client's attempting to attack with Dual Daggers type weapons.
·         Fixed the naming conventions for Grineer Regulators.
·         Fixed an issue with Lotus' dialogue lines not properly matching her subtitles.
·         Fixed non-localized text seen in Interception game modes.
·         Fixed an instance of players getting stuck in their inbox after attempting to accept or decline a clan invitation
·         Fixed players losing all experience after a Host Migration.
·         Fixed an issue with the Grineer Deathsquad not properly capturing players in a multiplayer match.
·         Fixed Saxis and Histo nodes not displaying the correct mission type.
·         Fixed an exploit which allowed the "It keeps getting better" achievement to be unlocked incorrectly.
·         Fixed a number of level holes and stuck spots.
·         Fixed a number of crashes
·         Fixed the image for the Burston Prime Blueprint

·         Fixed Rescue targets on Alert Rescue missions demonstrating older AI behaviours and lacking proper functions (health/shield UI).
·         Fixed Orokin Derelict Vaults locking players inside (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/191684-orokin-derelict-bug/).


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I'd love to see how popular the new Syandana is as a Platinum sink, as well as:


·         Changed Rhino Prime's Iron Skin ability to now appear golden!


Can we expect more skill-effects for other Primes?

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