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Wall Walking


It's not working for some people. I see some topics about people quiting the mission when they all they have to do is shift and jump. Now let me tell you why that's bs. It doesn't work for a lot of people. I was just in a group of 4, and only one person could do it. He told us how and were there for a half hour sliding our faces againdt the wall with no progress. Fix this please.

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It does work.. You have to make sure you're sprinting.. Some times you can be holding Shift, and not be sprinting at all..

We were springing.

We hold shift, jump and press shift and we tries just jumping too.

This was so painful over skype.

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You hold the SPACE bar down while you're on the wall, right?

What killed me was getting stuck in a little room and the only way out was up the wall and through the ceiling. Oh, and no one will tell you how to escape.

Run at the wall, SPACE and hold SPACE; release both SPACE and W near the top.

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