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Friends, Messages, And Tracking Each Other Down


I need help!

Google and the Wiki are coming up empty on the whole Friends system.

I think you gain Friends when you Add someone (better get their name right), which sends an Invite, and if they Add you in return, you have a Friend. Aside from my own kids, I'd like to have a number of Friends who won't Rambo through maps, but instead act like they're part of a team.

I thought I read in one of the menu pop-ups that you could send Friends a message, but I haven't yet found how to do that.

If I want to play with a Friend, I choose a Private match, and I imagine my Friend must do the same. But how do I let that person know what planet and mission I'm on? Again, I haven't figured out how to message anyone....

Is there any way to locate Friends who are in-game? How do you track them down to a specific sever and mission?


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Hey dude. For now, the friend system only allows you to invite each other to games and add each other. No private messages yet except for whispering them when they are online. You can invite each other to games online with other public players not just a private match though. So how to invite him to game, Go to planetary system, click on one of the planets. Before you start on any mission, click on invite below the screen and invite your friend into your squad. Then, as the host, click on the mission you want to play. And both of you will be in the same mission. Being online instead of private match allows public players to join in with you guys as well. Or else, you can always ask your friend to join your game session while your in game by opening up the friend list and right click your name. For now, it is still unable to locate friends unless they are in your squad then yes you can see their name lighting up on the planetary system. for more information please refer to this thread thanks! https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/18773-tips-for-new-players/

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