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At What Point Should I Be Able To Get A Control Module?



Fairly new here but have been playing quite a bit. I'd really like to get a Sentinel, but I see that in order to do that, I need a Control Module from the Hyena boss at the end of Neptune.

What power level should I expect to get myself up to in order to be able to take down the Hyenal? Currently I'm still on my first warframe, a Volt, and it and my weapons are around rank 21-22. I have my first Orokin Reactor baking in the foundry currently which should finish this evening.

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I wouldn't solo it given your stats, as it doesn't sound like you've got the mods for it. Try to join a group that's already in the process of tackling the Hyena and hope for the best.

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In regards to being Rank 30, that isn't quite necessary. It really boils down to the weapon(s) you bring and the mods on it.

Ideally you will want something that can churn out consistent damage, as the Hyena is notorious for its shield regeneration.

Things that you will have to look out for are the heat seeking missiles it occasionally fires, just assume it's a insta-down.

The AoE stomp (jump to avoid like the Jackal), which buys its shield time to regenerate if the people shooting it on your team are knocked down.

Electric shield, forces you to reposition if it happens to block your shots.

Other than that, just enough mods on your warframe to survive your average mission, as you won't usually be directly tanking the Hyena but rather shooting around a corner against it to avoid its normal attack (rapid fire similar to Jackal.

You can find it on any of the missions on Neptune as a random drop too, not just the Boss. Lockers, storage containers and enemies can drop it as a rare.

This is true, but on average will take much longer than assassinating the local bigwig.

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Oops, I'll go edit my OP to read Hyena.

I totally wasn't thinking I should solo it. It was more like "do I need to get myself up to rank 30 first?"

No don't even worry about ranks too much. Just join a group. Unless you're especially terrible, working in a group will usually overcome being lower levels.

and in your case you should be fine. You're high enough level (it seems) to be fine.

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