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New: Create A Tenno Tune Contest!

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Corpus Branwashing Music. (Feat: Prodman)


My take on the kind of music Corps would enjoy "getting their minds wiped to.


Indoctrination Program. Codname: Re NEU  





Imagine eyes held open looking into the vast, cold, emptiness of a Corpus temple. The images of the Tenno’s betrayal flood your mind, the filthy Grineer slaughtering your family. Fight for the Corpus, reclaim the Sol system. In the name of Profit.

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This is a very fun project! let me know how you feel, it has an industrial hip hop style opening, with a calm melodic ending!


edit: so...they moved this from page 7 to page 2, and now the you tube embeed doesn't work? cool. 

Warframe sounds used:
Lotus Grineer Deployment
Tethra Tranmission
Single Drum hit
Valkyr Warcry
Zephyr Tornado
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Managed to cut it down to 2 minutes. :) I hope everyone will enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed composing it :D Since alot of people are doing EDM or trance, I decided to do a hip hop version, accompanied by taiko drums, horns and strings to give it an honorary feel, and top it all off with male choir vocals. Was aiming for a mix of movie score type track with traditional japanese taikos and hip hop.

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I made a tune,and as an actual instrument playing musician, i had to compromise and attempt a genre i would never listen too. It's surprisingly easy to create "house" type music.That being said, enjoy my montage of noise!






not sure how to embed these things yet.....

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Spring is almost here, Tenno, and we need a spring in our step! We’ve seen some great music from the community, and Prime Time could use some tunes! Techno? Polka? Whatever! Make a Tenno tune for us to use on Prime Time!!


How to enter:

Record a tune that we can air during Prime Time!

Submit it here for judging!



Upload your tune to a site like Soundcloud, or Youtube and post the link as your submission.



One submission per user

Submission must be your original work (besides downloadable Warframe sounds)

Tune must not exceed 2 minutes

No collaborated submissions

Tune must include a Warframe related sound. (Check out our Fansite Kit for downloadable sounds https://warframe.com/community/fankit)

Do not reserve posts in this thread



Top 3 will be selected based on creativity.

2nd and 3rd will receive 1000 Platinum.

1st place will receive 1000 Platinum and have their tune aired on the next episode of Warframe Prime time!


The contest starts today, Friday March 21 at 6PM EDT and closes Thursday March 27 at 12PM EDT.




Let’s hear your best, Tenno!


i have a submission i hope you like it i work hours on it, the beat is a beat i made before but did know what to do with it, till now and i add in tenno drum.


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tacticalNuke where u at


tacticalNuke where u at




tacticalNuke where u at



Cicero Crisis or Sargas Ruk. both are great


I'm here. Hello.

Some of you know me already. I'm Tactical Nuke.


I'm going to apologize in advance, as this will be a long &#! post. I want to say something about everyone's feelings towards this contest and how some people are reacting to it.


First off, I'm surprised im not the only one capable of making music around here. I'm glad to know that a lot of people are actually participating in this and I won't have an unfair advantage just because a lot of people, including some DE's, know me.


Secondly, I believe the time span of this contest is too short. It took me two weeks to formulate my Sargus Ruk track, not including mastering and listening to it afterwards to see if there were any errors in the tracks.

But since you ask for a two minute track limit, one week might be sufficient enough to come up with something juicy.


Thirdly, I honestly don't expect to win (Although 1,000 plat would REALLY be nice) mainly because i feel that i sparked this contest. Not trying to be self-centered or anything but I didn't think anyone considered putting Warframe samples into a song until now. Plus i was in the last two Prime Times. I think it wouldn't be right to be doing this for plat when I've been doing it for fun this entire time. Plus, I'm sure there's plenty of other great tracks out there besides mine.



Ugh, I stopped watching the stream because of being subjected to dub step. 


Not everyone likes listening to dub step.


Hope there are more varied musical taste highlighted soon.


AJ, I appreciate that you did not talk down about dubstep, as most people who are against it do. Everyone is subjected to there own opinion, and if you don't like dubstep, that's cool. I agree, not everyone likes dubstep. But some people do, like me, and DE Rebecca and Megan, and some others Which is why i make it.


TBH (to be honest) i think that the DE like my music mostly for the idea of making music using Warframe samples, not the dubstep itself. There are a lot of people that have told me they don't like dubstep, but they like the song because of the usage of the Warframe samples. I don't think the community is making a dubstep movement or anything. It's just a fad, so I wouldn't worry about every Prime Time having dubstep in it.

"Death! Death! Death! Death! To the Tenno!"


As for the last statement, I'm pretty sure there will be other genres of music to your liking here. I believe that not everyone will make a dubstep/techno/electronic track. There are some people that have that "soundtrack" sound. I'm also looking forward to it.


I made some fan music that wasn't dubstep, and I think I might make more for this competition, too.




Sure, I'll probably lose to all the dubstep entries, but GOD DAMNIT I'LL TRY.


>A La Vay Hek


This has potential. It has drums. It has horns. It has an orchestra. It doesn't even have Grineer samples because IT DOESN'T EVEN NEED SAMPLES!



>Stops sounding like Vay Hek


This is an example of one of the "not dubstep" tracks that i really like. Seriously I want to here this in like a Warframe promo trailer. Like now.




Here's my submission. I don't plan on finishing it (which is why the ending is like that) but i do plan on adding it to the Warframe album I'm working on.




Notice how the title says "V2", as in Version 2, as in this is the second version of the first, as in I'm working on another Tethra track that i actually plan on finishing.


I'll be around here very often. I have been listening to most of the submissions already and I've heard some amazing tracks, stuff I definitely wouldn't thought of. I'm not judging or anything, just passing by. Most of you will be seeing my comments and such.


-Tactical Nuke

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aw ship i gave it a different name oh well this is my 2nd draft and unless a mod tells me whether or not "Collaboration" means i can or cant work with my brother who doesn't play warframe might be my final draft the 2nd one sound a little better singing wise and is shorter and faster also has tenno sounds and ect so it actually qualifies

anyways just wanted to make sure people saw this so i put a new post on top of my edit

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