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Armor Piercing Or Puncture?


Which is better, armor piercing mods or puncture mods?

If I'm correct, armor piercing increases damage dealt after armor mitigation, correct? So if I have No Return (at 20%) on my Lex and, let's say, I deal 200 damage per shot and armor mitigates half, I would deal 120 damage?

Does puncture allow your weapons to ignore armor altogether or does it only mean it goes through actors and obstacles?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I know what puncture does, by the way, but not all of it's mechanics. I know at base rank (+0.1) it penetrates 10cm of shields/walls.

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So it will go through an enemy to hit the one behind but do nothing to armor?

Through enemies and obstacles and it will also deal full headshot damage (20x) on corpus crewmen, no other damage benefits. So it might deal the damage to two enemies in certain situations. Useful for infested missions when you have good potatoguns.

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