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Button Label Glitch Megathread (Fixed In U14)

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That bug with menu was more annoying because I could do nothing when I saw it. how to reproduce it hmm....not sure but it was ODD wave 45+ and probably latency problem. I'm not sure if someone has put it ever up but we should have a stat sceen where we can look at our latency to the host. It shouldn't be hard to do the thing.

I wonder why I haven't seen such placeholders in ANY other game...does it really need placeholders? They should be invisible or something.


Would you like to run around without seeing what direction you're facing etc? I know it's not that bad once you notice it but honestly a placeholder model is better than nothing in my opinion. As for the latency stuff, I'm not going to bother recreating it xD. Set my ping limit to 100 to prevent teleporting enemies and not being able to pick up loot. I'd rather keep it that way :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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