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Component Blueprints (For Warframes)


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RNG = Random Number Generator.

That cruel little thing rules over us all. Laughing at those who kill a boss 100 times, just to get a single blueprint out of the three required. Then it gives one person all three blueprints in three consecutive runs, so they can brag and others feel abused. It is a tragedy, but one that all of us have to get used to. Keep on fighting, young Tenno. We feel with you.

Plus, if you got that stuff guaranteed with a kill, nobody would buy things with platinum. It's working as intended.

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is a Blueprint actually dropping and i have to pick is up?

A blueprint actually drops and you have to personally go pick it up.

It looks like a white orb, identicaly I'd say to the 100 Affinity orbs you sometimes find from containers.

Try not to kill the boss with a melee attack, as far as I remember orbs are still susceptible to being hit far away from where the boss died.

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Everyone else melees the boss so I figure if the orb being kicked away by a melee attack bug is in, it probably kept happening.

Good luck trying to get people not to melee :) I'll see about coming back when I can solo the boss.

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