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Redirection And Vitality Mods


So apparently according to the live stream on twitch, they will be adding a passive shield and health upgrades as the warframe levels up which they have also said...

Redirection and Vitality mods are going to become "collectors editions"..

Someone please tell me if i heard this wrong but in other words, Those cards are going to go POOF except for the people who already have them?

My BIGGEST QUESTION OF ALL! granted if this is all true or not..


I know that its apparently "random according to the level of the mobs you kill" but I would like to know at what "level" they start to drop at so I can farm the crap outa them before they go poof! As I'm sure alot of other people would!

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Raid missions, I found so many vitality mods it isn't even funny. Redirection I'm sure you can find the same way, but I bought a mod pack and got it.

They aren't going away, but they will become more difficult to find.

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go away...? after all the random mods and credits i've used to fuse onto my redirection to get it to where it is? go away? ....

oh well that's cool i was thinking it's too hard anyway for ppl

Thats the thing, I dont think there going away for people that have already have/upgraded them.. but they are being taken out of the game so now would be the time to get one if you dont have one

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