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·         Fixed an instance of player's not gaining mission completion rewards.

·         Fixed a duplicate flashlight being present on the Castanas.

·         Fixed an issue related to the Grustrag Three crashing/hanging the game when all squad members are killed.

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Please FIX New Sentinel's HELIOS Weapon.


Deconstuctor's BASE damage is UNAFFECTED nether by PRESSURE POINT nor by KILLING BLOW.


Even with both of them installed Base Damage is still shows - 50 Impact. (why impact?! aren't corpus weapons suppose to be puncture?)


Also game allows to install same MOD on both Warframe Melee and Sentinel Melee weapons.



And Please add 250 Scan Charges to Market, cause buying them by 25 at a time just takes way too long!


(Helios uses them up way too fast)

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Good    Cool!! :)

But it's not wednesday... I'm confused

How am I supposed to deal with a fix being released on a monday??? pls halp...



cause up13 is not this wednesday...

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