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The Grineer Systems Transmission And U13 Hype Megathread

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UPDATE: The Lotus is Calling All Tenno to Build, Prepare and Endure! - What seems to be a mini event tied into U13! 


Ceres will be the home to the Grineer Shipyards!




There are 6 screens, each detailing/teasing an element of U13, finishing with what seems to be a countdown timer.


Banner/Background (spoiler tags because big image): "Manifest 13" (top), "All Things Grineer" (repeating/backwards)



1st Screen: Melee 2.0 Teaser Video


2nd Screen: New Weapon (Weapon Accessories?) teaser



Third Screen: Water Frame First Look (and a Primary weapon)



Fourth Screen: Vay Hek got a makeover!



Screen 5: Shipyard Tilesets



Sixth Screen: Badlands (and what looks like a timer, likely to U13 release)


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Curious. Very curious.


Here's the text: 





Old Text



New Text



Here's the Melee 2.0 teaser video that's now being displayed on the site:

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 It says "Decoding Transmission"


 Edit: I was too slow.

 Someone mind telling me what the site is about? How long has been around? And how people came to know about it?

 I was not even aware of its existence...

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