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The Grineer Systems Transmission And U13 Hype Megathread

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Try moving a little further west... PDT still has 2 hours to go.

I actually totally forgot PDT was 2 hours behind Central. Weird whole only a couple states to the west is two hours, and a couple states to the east is one Hour.


Anyway I am sure the update will come in 1-2 hours. Chill. If not then I am sure it will come on Thursday.

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Well this is mostly why I am upset about the constant delays but Im sure others feel this way.


  • You created hype for something you couldnt bring in time.


  • Its already delayed a week. (It was supposed to be finished last week)


  • Grineer systems screens are no more but still no update.


  • Constant delays with other things as well.





DE I suggest not creating hype for things when they arent finished, instead finish the project and create the hype then.


Dont keep bashing the devs and just tell them in this thread why you are upset about the update not being out yet and how they can do better.

ppl just cant be patient...well some are...but still most are just impatient little #¤#""# ._.

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Everything can and will go wrong with code m8.

The problem is people getting fussed up about the delay of FREE content on a FREE game


Im a dev to but the difference is I finish my work before announcing it.

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Sparro, yes its a very good idea to release a product when its ready but its not a good idea to say your going to release a product then delay it because you thought you where ready but weren't. 


The reason DE has gotten away with things that most businesses would not is because there close to there community, but that can only do so much, lieing to a community is a very big deal and, can cause damage.


But that is just a theory that i am basing off businesses that aren't as fan-serviced as DE, but we will see what happens, i really hope they do ship this update when they say they do, because it will damage the community.

I don't think DE was lying to us. 

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