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The Grineer Systems Transmission And U13 Hype Megathread


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I don't know that it was something they could have avoided, that's the point. the primary problem in the last delay was a lack of communication, now, it's happening all over again. 


That's all I'm saying.


If it's true there was some redtext somewhere saying they are shooting for midnight PST, THAT should have been said here, or via Twitter or via their Google Plus page or via their Facebook page or the official website new, not is some anonymous region chat that NO ONE can verify.


It doesn't take much to squash this sort of thing by being upfront about it.

They did. They said "in Canada", not "here". when promising the update before the end of the day. Canada is pretty big, and if they pull some strings, they can still have the canadian army invade the Aleutian islands and buy them another 4 hours beyond what canada currently has.

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