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Instead of this key running


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While the "Fetch the key" quest was fun at first, it quickly becomes more annoying than a gameplay experience, so i thought of a couple of things that would make it more fun in my opinion:

- Add a second kind of key quest. Instead of running back to the start of the map for the key, it would be interesting to be sent to a diffrent room where you had to kill a larger amount of enemies (about 20-30 is what im thinking) and then when doing so, the enemies realise you are a big threat sending an Admiral (or something like that) off the ship down to kill you. This guy will bring normal mobs with him, be stronger than the "Elite units" (Like special poison zombies or grenadier's) but weaker than the big bosses (or just as strong as them). This guy will then drop the key and you pick it up from him. Result: More difficult gameplay, less running trough same map again.

-Make sprint cost less stamina. Only being able to sprint for 10 seconds at a slightly faster pace seems abit weaksauce from a spaceninja, so either increasing spring speed or reducing the cost would allow you to quickly get back into the action.

-Make key running quest's less frequent. Having to run all the way trough the map 2-3 times is just to much since the maps often are rather large, so reducing the frequency of this would be Appreciated (Eventhough i would preffer the first mentioned idea)

Got any other idea or feedback please do post, as i am wondering if its just me having these feelings towards key fetching

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I don't mind so much the key quest as long as the location isn't right near the start. Maybe a new area of the map or someplace closer to the blast(ed) door. Or, maybe the key is held by a minor boss? eg. a (nameless) Grineer commander? It's a little weird that a key is just lying around the floor of a storage room.

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