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New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

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With Melee 2.0 on everyone’s To-Do list, it’s time to pay our tribute to the original Melee system that started it all! It’s going to be a big change in Warframe and we want to take a moment to reflect on Tenno past to prepare for Tenno future. We all have a favorite Warframe and melee weapon, so let’s see how our Tenno honor the system!


The setting: Earth.


The tools: Your favorite Frame and Melee weapon.


The scene: A lone Tenno operative, deep in focus with their Melee weapon. Submit a scene of only your Tenno (no enemies or allies) on Earth with your favorite melee weapon at your side.


Need an Example?


Screenshot by [DE]Megan.


How to enter:

Take a screenshot of your Warframe paying tribute in the forests of Earth. Have your favorite melee weapon equipped!



Upload your image to imgur.com, copy the BBCode, and paste it right into your submission post.



One submission per user

Image must be a screenshot

Screenshot can be edited or altered

No collaborated submissions

Do not reserve posts in this thread



Top 3 will be selected based on creativity.

2nd and 3rd will receive 1000 Platinum.

1st place will receive 1000 Platinum and have their submission shown on the next episode of Warframe Prime time!


The contest starts today, Friday March 28 and closes Thursday April 3 at 12PM EDT.




 Show your tribute, Tenno! 

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*runs to earth with camera*


*runs back to forum to post submission*


Let the coolest Tenno win !




Jat kittag is awesome

Just a question first:

No sentinels allowed in screenshot?

About the image hosting site : I use photobucket is it okay?

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Training under the waterfall with my Proto-Armor Excalibur and my prized Dakra Prime.


Note: If you have trouble identifying the Dakra, you can clearly see the distinct hilt in the light.

IGN: Shotgunboyy

Also, I hate Nexon.

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Just a question first:

No sentinels allowed in screenshot?

About the image hosting site : I use photobucket is it okay?

I think the pictures would all look better without a sentinel anyways.




lol. What happens when you break a rule?

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Screenshot can be edited or altered


Sorry to question this Megan...

Is this a typo?

Edit: Cheers for the reply!


Sentinels are fine, and yes you may use photobucket! Imgur is just a suggestion.

Nope! If you wish to add text/hearts/etc feel free!


Link to post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/202699-new-honoring-the-system-screenshot-contest/page-2#entry2357178

Link to my own submission after learning this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/202699-new-honoring-the-system-screenshot-contest/page-20#entry2358341

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Awesome contest, simple, fun and easy! 


Here is mine:


Beautiful morning to train with my Galatine, so calm, one could believe that the war is over.




As a bonus i finally learnt how to paste images in here, thanks DE_Megan!

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Awesome! Here is my submission. Warframe is Excalibur Prime, a fitting time to look back and also I think Excalibur is really fun to play. My weapon choice is Bo. It seems so unloved these days but as a martial artist I love the elegance of using a Bo staff and the Tenno animations are fluid and just great. Here is Excalibur drawing the Bo as he prepares to deliver a sharp smack to the Grineer






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My tribute is to Excalibur the first and my favorite frame, wearing the armor from one of my favorite games Dark Sector. At his side he holds one of the coolest weapons ive seen in video games and one of my personal favorites the Glaive. And with this I tip my hat and bid a hardy farewell to melee 1.0 and welcome the new era with the dawn of melee 7.5 ;) I wanted to capture the kind of feel Dark Sector had when you were walking through caves/tunnel/buildings with you glaive drawn ready to own some faces.



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