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Best Way To Spend Starting 50 Platinum?


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There's a couple of things credits can't buy: color schemes and slots for frames and weapons. Now, you decide if that's important to you.

Eventually, you will need an Orokin Catalyst/Reactor for the items you like. You can either buy it now, or wait until you really need them. There's a chance you will run into a blueprint for them.

In short, I'd say hold on to them.

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Yeah yeah like everyone said get slots for those and fill gimped until you get lucky and get a catalist/reactor...

I took catalyst and reactor for warframe and for a melee weapon and feel not regret. And you know why ? Cause it boosted warframe perfomance significant and its an open beta. You try the product, no need to feel gimped. Do you really need more that one frame ? If so - then go with slots, if not then I suggest catalyst/reactor. But what if it won't be enough weapons slots and warframe slots ? Spend real money ? Whats the point for the delay then ? Also I did get reactor blueprint and 3 cells, but it was way too long after I got catalyst/reactor for platinum and I doubt I survived this alert mission without it...

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