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Gaining Exp And Leveling Up


I've been playing with two friends who have already reached Silver Initiate while I'm not even half-way there. One of them was even afk for a lot our games. Usually when we play I also top most of the stats that are displayed after the game (damage done, accuracy, headshots, etc.).

The wiki says you gain XP by leveling up your weapons, I have my rifle, pistol and the sword all at about level 10.

Am I missing something here? How do my friends get exp so fast? They don't do anything different than me...

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Are you picking up affinity (white) orbs? Are they playing without you? Are they using affinity boosters (from the market, for plat)? There's quite a few factors, but if you want to xp fast, do defense missions and be a rampaging murderer.

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Yeah, I'm always picking up whatever I can. I usually even have most pickups in our games. And they don't use any boosters, and we've only started playing together yesterday, while I even had a head start because I started playing the day before. My warframe was already at about level 6 or 7 or so when we started playing together, I did all the missions in the first system with them and than we moved on to the next.

There's also that skill value in the profile I don't get: My friend who was afk a lot of the time has a skill value of over 250 while I'm at 30? The thing is he's the one of us who dies the most when we play.

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Mastery Rank is not (directly) increased by Affinity (Exp). You gain 200 points for your Mastery Rank for 1 Warframe level and 100 if a Weapon levels up (so for you it should be about 10*200 + 2*10*100 = 4000, shown on the bar in the upper left next to your name when you hove over/click it - in the intermission screen). It takes a while till you get to the next rank. Your friends must have leveld more of their weopons/frames apperently (or it is bugged for you?!)

Skill Value I have no idea what it should/does show ^^

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