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'agent' Warframe

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Branching off from that thread because I feel like G3rman has his own Idea of what he wants and differs enough (to me) to warrant me making a different thread. However, there are striking resemblances so I give credit where credit is due.

A warframe of this type has been on my mind for awhile as I like warframes like the Loki and Ash (haven't played Banshee yet, which will be my next).

Before I start, I wanna say, I play Warframe Solo all the time just so I can do full stealth missions without people butting in and gunning things down. Sure, it can take longer but it is a different kind of enjoyment for me. And I feel like something is missing in the stealth area of the game and this is an attempt to fill a gap.

The idea behind the Agent warframe would be a Stealth / Support Utility Warframe.

Ash and Banshee are stealthy, but I feel like they are more Stealth Attackers (Assasin / Ambushers); the damage dealing side of Stealth, if you will. Loki is a stealth trickster; distracts and creates confusion on the battlefield, and disarming the opponant.

The Agent (for the lack of a better name) would be more about support of this "class".


Smoke Grenade:

I would say Smoke wouldn't be full cover, but rather it affects enemies' accuracy or ability to 'target'. G3rman mentioned Stun grenades, and it is an alright idea, but I think there is already enough stun to go around.


A faster and elongated version of the "slide" move. Ash has a teleport, Loki has a switch teleport, Excal has a slash dash, and Volt has a speed ability -- Slip (and slide) are lower profile ways of getting around and I feel like a character like this would need a little manuverability as this frame has no direct damage abilities (utility).

Shut Out:

Like G3rman was saying with his "Lockdown" - however, I don't like that tenno can walk through it. I think it should take maybe 1.5 - 2 seconds to perform, and seals the door for 5 - 8 seconds. Where this doesn't seem long, those 5 - 8 seconds could be what save you from being overwhelmed while you take care of a group of enemies, or making a tactical retreat. (Might I mention Mobile Defense)

Black Out:

AOE EMP Blast that takes out "Lockdown Controls" in the room, shields of enemies in the room, cameras + turrets, rolling mines, and maybe even the room's lights and tenno flash lights. But, like destroying the reactor, the doors still work. This wont affect robots' functionality. This would be the 'Ultimate' using 75 - 100 Energy. Would last maybe 10 seconds -- if that.

With these abilities, they can help both stealth and full-frontal assault alike:

In my solo stealth missions, so many times have I accidently slipped up and missed causing the guard to immediately hit the alarms. With 'Black Out', it disables the alarm system giving us a second chance at this. Quickly find an energy orb and you can lock the door behind you and keep the gaurd from running into the next room to sound the alarm there. And if things DO go south, you can give them the 'Slip' and cover your escape with smoke grenades.

In a more full frontal assault mission like 'Mobile Defense', Agent could cover the squad from a portion of the enemies with smokes, or funnel them from once side to another so the squad doesn't easily get over run and surrounded. 'Blackout' would still be helpful in this instance disabling the rolling mines for a moment, getting rid of the shields on the heavies, and 'Slipping' back into cover.

Tell me what you guys think. Throw in your feedback, suggestions, idea, etc.


Edits consist of fixing typos

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+1 This looks good but maybe it can be changed with something like turret(though shutting down the alert system is good but kinda weak i think) which takes your weapons %50 damage as its damage, Stays about 1 or 1.5 min.

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I dont think giving this Warfare the ability to plant turrets would fit the role of this warframe.

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