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Limiting Fps / Gpu Heat


Does anyone know if there's a way to limit the game's FPS using command lines with a shortcut path target, like "-fps 60"?

I love how well this game runs, but my GPU is pumping up its load far more than is necessary and I'm seeing temps as high as 80 degrees. Plus, screen tear in windowed mode is definitely noticeable. So for 1080p on a 60hz monitor, obviously you'd think limiting the framerate to 60 would hit both birds with the same stone, and I'm really not interested in using v-sync or a bunch of third party programs if the Windows OS can do this on its own. I also tried looking for an ini file I could tweak somewhere, and couldn't find one.

Any help on this would be incredibly appreciated. I can verify adding "-fps 60" does not work when adding the command line to the target path in the launcher's shortcut. I tried it with "- fps 10" just to be sure, and yeah, the command line argument is definitely not applying to the game.

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