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The Next Warframe


I currently have an excalibur at lvl 30, and i've been looking into some other frames.

I've had my eye on Loki, but i really have a hard time deciding which frame i should go for next.

Can anyone give me some insight on the different frames, pros, cons, personal favorites, etc.?

Edit: I love my Paris, i'd like to use a frame that's viable with it.

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I personally prefer tank characters such as Rhino or Frost for the sheer fact they can both take a beating. Loki is a great warframe too once fully upgraded you will carve through mobs while being invisible and unlookers will see people being ripped apart by nothing. Its really want you want I'm sure the other warframes are great fun too.

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If you want a Paris-centered game style and want to pair it with an agile Warframe which can be employed for stealth tactics, Loki would be a nice pick, but Ash would be good too.

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+1 for loki being a great frame. tho, u wont be happy using paris on loki.

if u mainly play with paris the best suited for it is banshee. she got a knock back skill so u can keep enemies at distance for paris.

banshee is also good in melee cause she is fast moving. so u got a back up plan when enemies get to close

loki and ash are not suited for paris. or at least, if u use paris on them u cant use their full potential

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Only just recently started playing and I chose Loki as my first frame. Gottta say I'm quite enjoying it :p

Its good for leveling up your melees when your frame doesnt have any health or sheild mods yet. Just go invisible and charge :D

I will say tho I didnt like the teleport or radial disarm powers and actually just used them for fusing on other mods cuz I didnt want them.

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