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Rhino Systems?


1) i have been farming the jackel boss for about 20 run thros and have gotten 2-5 each of the helm and the cassie but have not got a single system blueprint. have they made it rare or moved where u get it from?

2) where is the best palce to get the rhino skill mods?

thank you in advance

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You have to keep farming the jackal. Drops are determined by RNG, so you need patience and luck. Ability mods drop from Infested more than from any other faction, your best bet would be a low-level Infested Defense mission, or if that isn't your style, an Extermination mission.

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I've run Jackal probably 30 times in the past couple hours. I got the Rhino chassis and helm BP's when I wasn't even farming for them, but while farming, I haven't even received any blueprints. Just components... Damn you rng, damn you.

Edit: literally 10 minutes after posting this, I found the systems BP. THERE IS HOPE; NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

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