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[Solved]Problem With Buying Grandmaster?


I've run into an issue that NOONE else has appeared to run into. Even though I've spent more than a couple hours trying to work around it. When I click the "Buy now" button for Grandmaster, it ports me directly to the Steam website and it wants me to use my Steam wallet funds. This would be okay, except that you can't have more than $200 in your Steam Wallet at a time. See the problem here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Thats the thing though, whilst on the actual site, clicking the "Buy Now" button directs me to the Steam website.

Get Hunter or Master first... then upgrade to Grand Master

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Yeah thats what I was thinking about doing.. I just wanted to address the problem and see if any others had it.

Hope it works for you, and if it does... it can probably fix that error for those that do get this problem. I wouldn't get this error either way because I started with Hunter and upgraded to Master :P

Well... not really start... I just got Hunter after I saw how good the game was.

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