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Help On Making A Youtube Video On Warframe.


So I'm pretty bored so i decided to use a little of my current editing skills and learn new ones by making a new edited video!

Right now, I'm making a video that shows some awesome ninja moves and I'll edit it to go with the music. The video will last a maximum of 4:55.

I would like if the video quality would be atleast 720p and aspect ratio 16:9 (widescreen), even tho the video would be 1080p, we wouldn't see the difference as most people view videos in 720p.

Everyone that has given a part for the video will be given credits in the end, I will allocate 10 seconds for credits, maybe more if there's more people participating but it's sure that the viewers will be able to view your username. I'll also add your username in the description.

There must not be visible lag in your video (it needs to be smooth, atleast in the parts I'll take). You need to have altleast those settings checked:

-Color correction


-Dynamic Lighting


-Nvidia PhysX (If Possible)

I'll just upload it on my youtube channel, it isn't partnered with Youtube. Just my regular channel to upload videos times to times.

It's alright if it doesn't have sounds or if it's really low, anyways, the music will take all the sound there is in the video.

I already had experience in video editing, I'm not that good but I can make a decent video with clips :)

What I already have is:

-Slide + Jump Frontflip + Rhino Radial Blast in the air (Rhino)

-Spaceship entry cinematic (Rhino)

-Grineer exploding in ice (Rhino)

-Rhino Iron Skin (Rhino)

-Slide + Jump Front Flip + Rhino Charge (Rhino)

-Reactor Core opening (Rhino)

-Slide + Jump + Melee (aoe) (Rhino)

-Charged melee few grineers (Rhino)

-Destroying reactor core (Rhino)

-Killing grineers with bolto (Rhino)

-Slide + Jump (Rhino)

-Sprinting (Rhino)

-Slide + Shoot with bolto (Rhino)

-Mission Complete (Rhino)

Current credits list:


Note that not all clips that are mentionned here will be used in the video.


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