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Dual Zoren Vs Fangs


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Dual Zorens rate-of-fire stats are, apparently, fake. Fangs have the highest rate-of-fire of any dual melee weapons.

Though the Dual Zorens have higher damage and putting some rate-of-fire mods, you can make them better than your regular Fangs.

But keep in mind two things:

Dual Zorens have higher bonus damage against infected, while Fangs have higher bonus damage for Grineer.

I currently have both but haven't touched the Dual Zorens yet, only by seeing my friend play with 'em.

In the mean-time, I believe Fangs may be the highest DPS melee weapons in the game.

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Keep in mind that they do two different types of damage...The Fangs do all of their damage as Armor Piercing damage, which works exactly like the mod. They will do additional damage to Grineer and heavy armor targets yes, but they will do sub-par damage to low armor targets...Which is practically all of the infested except for the Ancients. The Zorens do plain damage which will be especially effective vs. the infested.

You should really base your choice on the rest of your loadout! If you are already equipped to hand the Grineer with your other weapons, you may just want to grab the Zorens instead.

On a side note, as Daggers the Fangs will always crit on stealth kills and have a semi-large jump slam radius capable of knocking down multiple targets.

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