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How Does The New Mod System Work?


I've been searching for a few hours now and i'm completely stumped on trying to find any sort of guide or index on the intricacies of the new mod system, I see a lot of bars, tabs, and symbols on my fresh new mods, and all I know are the basics, in that if you fuse a mod with another mod, you power it up.

I'm just trying to figure out the fine details, like efficient mod fusion, or what those symbols are supposed to mean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just directing me to a guide that I missed.

Turns out i'm completely blind and just found the guide now, sorry.

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There are a few guides about this. Some you will even find on Steam.

But here's a short one:

The bars, on the mod card, are its level of rank. Upgrading a mod, will add a white bar, increasing the stats for that mod.

Upgrading is quite simple too. Simply grab the mod you want, press the 'Fusion' button and add other mods to upgrade it. Keep in mind that similar mods work better, rather than different ones or simply fusion cores. Fusing a lot of similar mods together, will quickly upgrade your mod's level of rank.

And the symbols are called polarity symbols. Each symbol has a meaning, and you can find more on the Wikipedia - as shown below - or other guides. (By adding a mod to a slot with the same symbol, you'll increase the amount of the weapon/warframe capacity by decreasing the mod capacity itself. (For example: a mod that occupies up to 6 of the weapon's/warframe's capacity, if its placed on the correct slot, it will occupy less than it says.))

17px-Ability.png - Scratch (Warframe Abilities) - Commonly dropped by Infested

17px-D.png - D (Defensive, Health, Armor, Stamina)- Dropped by all factions

18px-V.png - V (Damage, Powers) - Commonly dropped by Grineer

19px-Bar.png - Bar (Misc.) - Commonly dropped by Corpus

17px-Precept.png - Y (Sentinel Abilities) - Dropped by all factions

Read more on the Wikipedia.

And other guides too.

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