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organisation of feedback


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I do not know how hard it would be but ...

I suggest you make a section of the forum, with a list of the bugs in the game that the company already has in considerasion.So we might know that already reported, and not repeating Forum Topics.

You could also do the same with the gameplay and aesthetic suggestions.

and I think it would be helpful to manage surveys that the community can respond with questions of "yes or not" in the forum or facebook. based on user feedback (facebook has applications for that easy to handle)


want PvP: yes-no%

X warframe ugly: yes-no%

X map very hard or easy: yes-no%

the game needs more dinosaurs xD: yes-no%

you understand

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Considering that only about 10% of a given community frequent a forum, and out of those, a good portion only lurks and reads without voting/commenting, such things are usually pretty poor metrics. Furthermore, polls get out of hand and become stupid fast.

The game does need more dinosaurs, though.

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